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Interior panels

We use 6 mm thick plywood for interior wall finishing. All panels are ideally located relative to each other. To maintain this accuracy, we use a CNC machine. Thanks to it, all panels always turn out to be the same size.

The gap between the panels is less than 5 mm. It is filled with a special sealant in the color of the wood. Looks very aesthetic.

Plywood is a very strong and durable material. Products from it will not only last a long time, but will also look great. But even if one of them is damaged, it can be easily replaced. In a domed geodesic house, such panels look very stylish.

In the basic version, we do not apply paint to them, but the client can choose any color if desired. There are many varieties of glazing paints that leave the grain of the wood visible while giving the panels a tint. Using this approach, you can achieve a very expressive appearance.

The panel also performs a protective function. It is the first layer that protects the wall structure from fumes. Immediately behind this panel is the second layer of protection - a vapor barrier film. It protects the wall from moisture as much as possible. This design ensures a long life for the whole house.

Read about wall insulation and moisture protection in a separate post on our website.


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