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Frequently asked questions

Browse our list of frequently asked questions to get the information you need. If you don't find what you're looking for > contact us.

  • How long will it take to assemble the house?
    It takes 2 days to assemble the dome structure and sealing on the prepared site. No heavy machinery is used for this operation. Only manual hand work. This is followed by interior work inside the dome. These can take from 8 to 10 working days. Depending on the tightness of the site, this period may be increased.
  • Is the house suitable for year-round use?
    Yes. It works well in winter in harsh and cold conditions. It also easily protects the occupants from the heat in the summer. It is very comfortable to live in in all seasons, in all the most difficult weather conditions.
  • Where is the best place to use such a house?
    Such a house is an alternative to a hotel room. It is available all year round. It accommodates up to 4 people. It can have a full kitchen and a fireplace area. It is quick and easy to put it on any surface. It is a good opportunity to invest in a hotel business. It lasts a long time and also pays off easily. Your guests will be surprised by the level of comfort and aesthetics. This house would also be suitable as a holiday home at any time of year. It is designed to work in all weather conditions.
  • How many people can the house hold?
    The house accommodates 4 people. 2 people on the bottom and 2 people on the second floor (mezzanine).
  • Where is manufacturing located?
    The production facility is located near Prague in the Czech Republic. For convenient routing to us, just type "NVI DOMES" in a Google Maps search. You can also find the exact address and location on the contact page. [!] Before you visit the production, please call our manager.
  • What material is used to make facade panels?
    Aluminum composite panels with a thickness of 4 mm. It is a very strong and lightweight material that has a very long service life. Manufacturers give a warranty on it from 10, but the actual lifespan can be 25 years or more before the external characteristics change. The structure of the panel itself and the strength characteristics remain unchanged much longer. These panels can be made in any color. Even have a mirror coating. You can read more about the panels on this page.
  • How are the walls insulated?
    We use only the best insulation materials. A 100 mm thick PIR panel with aluminium foil from both sides is installed in the walls. This is the best insulation on the market. Its thermal conductivity has a typical value of 0.022 W/(m·K). The floor has 200 mm extruded polystyrene XPS. Its thermal conductivity has a typical value of 0.035 W/(m·K). This insulation is enough to live comfortably almost anywhere in the world.
  • What is the size and area of the house?
    The area of the house is 27.4 m2. Diameter 6m. The height is 3.9m. Window height in the basic version 2 m. Glazing area in the basic version is 9 m2. The height of the sanitary room is 2.3 m. Find out more about the layout of the house in the article.
  • Is it possible to make a house entirely of glass?
    Yes. Any wall module can be replaced by a module with glass. This may affect the cost and assembly time.
  • Why does the house have this shape?
    It's beautiful and stylish - your guests will be delighted. It is extraordinary - your house will attract more guests. It is very durable - neither storms nor snow will destroy it. This shape helps the house to be energy efficient. It is quick to build. Read more about dome houses in our article.
  • How do I connect my house to water and electricity?
    Before installing the house, it is necessary to prepare: * cold water (usually it is a well on the plot), * sewage outlet (usually it is a septic system). * introductory electric cable. It is possible to make the house fully autonomous. For calculation of this option please contact the manager.
  • How fireproof is the house?
    The structure uses plywood and insulation, which is not prone to combustion. All electrical wiring in the house is made of non-combustible materials. As an option, non-combustible facade panels can be used for additional protection, as well as special impregnations for the frame. This option is suitable for regions with a high risk of fires.
  • Is there a shower room and toilet in the house?
    Yes. The house has a full sanitary room that is isolated from the main room. All the moisture from it goes outside. The sanitary room has a shower cabin measuring 90x90 cm, a toilet, a hand washbasin, a mirror, a heated towel rail, a shelf for towels.
  • What kind of windows are installed?
    We only use energy-efficient glazing from the best manufacturers. They always remain perfectly transparent. No condensation or ice forms on them. They effectively keep the house warm in winter and protect it from the heat in summer. The outer layer has a mirror effect so that no one can see into the house. This layer also acts as a protective fnuktion in summer and helps to maintain an optimal temperature inside. The basic version has double-glazed, energy-efficient glazing with the 4-16-4 formula. There is argon inert gas between the panes. The panes themselves are coated with energy-efficient coatings. For extreme weather conditions, it is possible to install window with 3 panes of glass.
  • What is the cost of the house?
    Contact us to get current prices If you need design changes and a special order, discuss the price with manager.
  • What is the power of the consumed electricity?
    Underfloor heating consumes an average of 1 kW of electricity per hour in winter at -5...0 degrees Celsius. Consumption of other appliances (maximum): 1. electric kettle 2-3 kW 2. 100l boiler 1,5-2 kW 3. microwave oven 1,5 kW 4. electric heater 3,5 kW 5. cooker hood 0,15 kW 6. air conditioner 1.5 kW 7. refrigerator 0.35 kW 8. Bathroom lighting with energy efficient lamps ~ 10. 9. main room lighting ~ 10. external appliances: laptops, telephones ~ Attention! the list shows the MAXIMUM power of appliances. Actual electricity consumption is much lower due to the low cost of heating the room.
  • How much energy does it use for heating?
    It is a very energy-efficient house. We've used only the best materials to make it warm. The main heating system is electric underfloor heating. The efficiency of such a system is 100%. Depending on the region, energy consumption during the heating season can range from 0.4 kWh in central Europe to 1.3 kWh in the Arctic regions. We calculated the energy costs of heating the house and wrote an article. Follow this link to learn more. The size of the house is 28 m2 and its height is 4 meters.
  • Can I buy just the dome without the sanitary room?
    Yes. It is possible. Create any design on the inside of the dome. It doesn't have to be a living area with a kitchen. Turn the dome into a sauna, greenhouse, or even an observatory. Follow your imagination.
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