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Ventilation and air quality

Geodesic domes are known for their unique structure, which allows for natural ventilation and air flow. The design of the dome includes multiple openings and triangular shapes, which work together to create a convection current that moves air throughout the interior.

As air enters through the lower vents, it rises and is expelled through the upper vents, creating a natural draft. This continuous flow of air helps to circulate fresh air, remove stale air and moisture, and regulate temperature within the dome. The triangular shapes of the dome also help to distribute air evenly throughout the interior, so that there is no single area that becomes stuffy or stagnant.

Additionally, the dome shape itself provides a large interior volume with a low surface area to volume ratio, which helps to regulate temperature and reduce energy usage. The unique structure of geodesic domes also allows for greater insulation, which helps to reduce heat loss and maintain a comfortable indoor climate.

Overall, natural airflow in geodesic domes is a result of the unique design of the dome structure and its interaction with the environment. The combination of multiple openings, triangular shapes, and the dome shape itself all work together to create a naturally ventilated, energy-efficient and comfortable living space.

By default, our company houses are equipped with adjustable supply valves and exhaust vents. This is enough to ensure high air quality with only natural air exchange. The design of the domed house allows you to do this with ease. This is one of its great advantages.

It is also possible to additionally install forced ventilation. This is suitable for those who need to regulate air exchange and fine-tune the air quality for themselves. The system can be configured to precisely control the amount of CO2 in the home.

It is always very easy to breathe in our geodesic house. This is important for people demanding on air quality, especially at night. The temperature is distributed evenly throughout the space. One of the added benefits is that mold cannot grow under such conditions. The house is always dry. Due to good air exchange, moisture does not stagnate. This prevents the appearance of mold and fungi.


If you are interested in seeing the quality of the air, you can visit the exhibition house located near Prague. Contact our manager and make an appointment.


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