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Calculation of heating losses for Arctic region

Specified region

Operating conditions

The temperature of the coldest days -28 ˚С

Heating period duration 273 days

Average outside air temperature of the heating period -3.3 ˚С

Room temperature 20 °С

Humidity in the room 55 %

Monthly average temperature values for the specified region, °С

House Characteristics

Dimensions NVI DOMES Igloo
AREA: floor 28 m2, walls 55 m2, windows 9 m2
Heat loss during the heating period

4 452 kW

* The calculation takes into account the average temperature distribution during the month relative to a specified region.

Heat loss in 1 hour at -28 °С outside temperature (Δ = 48 °C)

1.43 kW

* The coldest day in the specified region

Heat loss in 1 hour at -5 °С outside temperature (Δ = 25 °C)

0.74 kW


A detailed calculation of each structure individually

[Q] Heat loss in 1 hour with temperature Δ = 1 °C

Floor 0.154 W

Wall 0.227 W

Window 1.43 W

[R] Heat transfer resistance

Floor 6.5 (m² °C)/W

Wall 4.41 (m² °C)/W

Window 0.7 (m² °C)/W

Floor layers and their heat transfer resistance

Wall layers and their heat transfer resistance

Window layers and their heat transfer resistance


The NVI DOMES house is ideal for year-round living in the Arctic region or for use as an igloo house in the hotel business.

It is easy to heat in winter even in the coldest temperatures. We use an electric underfloor heating system for heating. It has enough power to keep the house comfortable in all weather conditions.

The house can also be equipped with a stove so that you do not depend on the availability of electricity.

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